Client Testimonials of Naples Computer Techs

Naples Computer Techs set me up with a refurbished laptop. Very honest. Very trustworthy. Super price.

Ella Siragusa 2024-05-02

Wow great service!

Ken O 2024-04-14

Steve installed new hard drive on my laptop. Installed operating system. Installed printer. Wow..what a great job and great price.

Ron Sovey 2024-01-28

Naples Computer Techs rebuilt my laptop computer. Restored all my date. saved me from a lot of grief. Will recommend them to all my friends

Susan Foster 2024-01-25

Steve hooked up headset on my cable channels. Changed audio settings to optical. TV works great now.

Pat Sullivan 2024-01-25

Naples Computer Techs hooked up my new monitor. Also trained me on how to scan. Very helpful. Very reasonable cost.

Stewart Jordan 2024-01-25

Steve restored my computer back to factory condition. Restored data. Runs like new now.

Dan Shiels 2024-01-25

Naples Computer techs helped me get my AOL mail. Also fixed printer. Fast and affordable.

Carol Eckl 2024-01-23

Steve serviced us again. Set up microphone. Trained us on google chrome use. Very helpful.

Bob & Sue Leeks 2024-01-22

Steve worked on my desktop computer. Ran slow. Very fast now. Also set up Bluetooth headset. Just wonderful.

Pat Sullivan 2024-01-22

Naples Computer techs sold me hp desktop computer. Transferred all my data. Great job. Highly recommended.

Steve & Dianne Burke 2024-01-20

Naples Computer Techs worked on my internet. Helped get all my passwords. Made computer faster. Very helpful.

John Nazorian 2024-01-18

Naples Computer Techs worked on my mac computer. Ordered mouse and keyboard. Trained on emails and operation. Very thorough.

Bob & Sue Leeks 2024-01-18

Steve serviced our cell phones. Loaded canon printer on our phones. Trained on how to use utube. Very kind and patient,

John and Sandy Nash 2024-01-17

Naples Computer Techs service my printer. Connected wireless. Fixed software issues. It all runs great now.

Jim Lambert 2024-01-13

Steve installed my new computer. Installed my printer. Installed my ipad. Great job. Everything works perfect.

Skip Mullen 2024-01-11

Naples Computer Techs trained us on how to use Pdfs, word, excel and emails. Created scan folder. Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Bob & Judy Odell 2024-01-04

Steve rebuilt my HP All in one computer. Put in a new hard drive. Works perfect. Very fast.

Kevin Dubree 2024-01-01

Naples Computer Techs has serviced our computers, cell phones and printers for years. Very happy with their service. Steve has done a phenominal job.Will recommend to all my friends and neighbors.

Anita Parker 2023-10-10

Naples Computer Techs has serviced my computer since 2019. Very happy with their service. They hooked my laptop into my TV and now i enjoy utube videos.

Frank Emery 2023-08-21

Steve has serviced my computer for the last four years. He has serviced on site and through team viewer several times. Very happy with his service and have recommended him to my friends.

Kathleen Brown 2023-08-13

Steve has serviced all my families computers. Repaired our Macbooks and Windows computers. Saved us a lot of money.

Ben Carney 2023-06-05

Steve did a great job on our printer. Saved us from almost buying a new printer. Helped us buy cartridges online and saved us a lot of money.

Ann Clements 2023-04-07

I have used steve for many years to service our computers. He is honest, reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend Naples Computer Techs to everyone i know.

Rich Dombal 2023-02-19

I recently had my computer repaired and I couldn't be more pleased. The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. He was able to quickly diagnose and repair the issue, and even provided me with some tips on how to help prevent future issues. I'm so glad I chose this company and will definitely use them again.

Bob Langbauer 2023-02-16

My computer was running slow and took forever to startup. Naples computeer Techs added more memory and cleaned up my programs.Runs great now.

Tony Raczak 2023-02-14

I have a accounting tax business and need to keep my systems up and running problem free. Naples Cpmuter techs makes that happen for me. Steve is very helpful. Very dependable.

Anthony Garcia 2023-01-15

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Naples Computer Techs. They were professional, courteous and went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with their services. They offered detailed explanations of their services and were always available to answer my questions. The work they completed was top-notch and I was highly impressed with the quality. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family and will be using them again in the future!"

Eric Smith 2022-11-16

I am very pleased with the service I received on my computer. The technician was knowledgeable and efficient, and the repairs were completed quickly and effectively. I would definitely recommend their services to others.

Ken Etchner 2022-11-11

Naples Computer Techs have serviced all our families computers. Very satisfied with the promt, knowledgable repair work. Will use them for years to come.

Tom Falzetta 2022-10-17

We got excellent service fron Naples Computer Techs. Our router wasn't working and there were problems with our wireless adaptor. They resolved the problem quickly and very economically. Very happy with the work done.

Bill Fronterra 2022-09-23

We love Naples Computer Techs. We've had them service us now for several years. Very professional company. Also, very fair with their prices.

Wendy Weimert 2022-09-23

Naples computer Techs serviced my Desktop computer and printer. Very reasonalble. Impressed by their knowledge. Recommend highly.

Bob Franetti 2022-09-18

I had a problem where i had a black screen on my laptop. Naples Computer Techs found out problem was bad memory chip. They got it up and running at a fair price. Very satisfied.

Tom Belt 2022-07-21

We found this company in our local church paper. they were very professional and very reasonably priced. Fixed our laptop problems and backed up all our data.

Phil Kasinski 2022-06-21

Naples Computer Techs has been servicing our office computers and laptops for years. They've done a amazing job and we reccomend them to all our clients.

Julie Klotz 2022-06-17

Really knew what he was doing. Liked the service, liked the personality and liked the price

Mary Salada 2022-06-14

"I recently completed the computer training program offered by Naples Computer Techs and I am very pleased with the quality of instruction and materials. The instructor was knowledgeable, helpful and patient, and the course content was comprehensive and taught in a way that was easy to understand. I now feel more confident in my ability to use computers and am excited to use my new skills in my professional life. Highly recommend Naples Computer Techs!"

Bob Vestal 2022-06-12

Naples Computer Techs do great work. I would recommend their services any day of the week.

Stas Majewski 2022-03-14

Really apprecated the service i received today. Got my printer up and running and now i can print from my phone too,

Jim Valler 2022-03-11

Couldn't get my scanner working. Naples Computr Techs were very helpful and solved the problem. Would recommend them to eveyone,

Bill Aluia 2022-02-21

We called Naples Computer Techs after trying to fix our laptops ourselves. Very satisfied with the results and pricing. Would recommend them to anyone. We're happy now.

Ann Marie Haraga 2022-02-19

Naples Cpmpurer Techs (Steve) serviced my Macbook computer and epson printer. The default was set on wrong printer. Cleaned up Macbook. Did good job.

Addy Pinkerton 2022-01-28

This company really got me out of a jam. Had lost all my quickbook files. Computer wouln't start. They got them all back. Trustworthy company.

Gary Sommervile 2022-01-28

Naples Computer techs give quick, highly efficient and cost-effective service. They’re really nice people. What else could a customer ask for?

Bob Hughes 2022-01-17

Naples Computer Techs serviced my phone, printer, computer and Roku unit. Steve did a wonderful job repairing all my problems. Recommend highly.

Sandy Cappelina 2022-01-06

Steve serviced our desktop computer. was running slow. Did a very good job. Removed bad apps and cleand up programs. Would recommmend highly.

Susan Foster 2022-01-03

Our computer had a black screen. Made noise but nothing happened. Naples Computer techs took it apart and replaced the screen. Working perfect now. Really appreciate the good servicce.

Dave Sosnowski 2021-07-15

We're very satisfied with the prompt service we received from Naples Computer Techs. Got our computer up and running in no time.

Mary Faluka 2021-07-09

Just wanted to say thank you so much to your company for knowing what was needed to fix my PC today! I appreciated the tech's personality too in that he was patient with me. Very trustable in my home and really knew what he was doing .Thanks for doing a great job

Tamara Tazzia 2021-03-14

I liked your service, because right away I felt like my PC technician was a friend. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. He was so helpful and I definitely will use him again . I certainly will refer others .

Mary Lou Drew 2021-03-14

My daughters laptop computer was running slow and the cooling fan was running all the time at high speed and very noisy. Steve made repairs quickly and now it runs like a new one!

Ken O'Brian 2021-01-03

Naples Computer Techs responds quickly, are reasonably priced and has always come through fixing my computer problems. I'd recommend them far and wide to everyone!

Patty Fuson 2020-12-12

Naples Computer Techs are very different from the run of the mill companies that seem to be popping up everywhere. With something as important as your computers or computer networks you definitely want a pro. They will get the job done and done correctly and quickly

Carol Miller 2018-12-19

They give great computer service at a great price!

Jack Lang 2018-03-14

I feel that being honest and up front with us as Naples Computer Techs were with us will surely be the people to go with. The service was great and so was the cost. They will have a very satisfied customer for years to come

Carl Bruno 2018-03-14

The technician arrived on time, hooked up my computer and new printer, was polite and just a nice person to have working in my home. The service was excellent. The work was done quickly and I will use them again when needed.

Adley Brewer 2018-03-14