What Is The Best Computer to Buy?

What You Need To Know Before You Buy a Computer

There's a lot of computers to choose from out there.

Are you looking for a Desktop Computer with monitor?
Are you looking for a laptop?
Are you looking for Microsoft Windows product?
Are you looking for an Apple product?
What size screen do you want?
Would an ipad do everything you want?
Do you need a wireless printer?
What kind of processor is best?
How big of a hard drive do you need?
How much memory do you need?

We can help you with all these questions and more.

How much time will you spend on the computer?
Will you be working with documents?
Will you have pictures to save, send or edit?
Will you need help with your email account?
Will you need training on the internet?

A good computer to buy would have at least these specs:

  • An intel processor of 2.0GHz or higher
  • A hard drive of 500 Gb or higher
  • Memory of 8 GB or higher

There are many other computers without these specs to choose from. They may be fine for your needs based on the frequency of your computer use.

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