Frequently Asked Questions

How do i scan from my printer to my computer?

You can either scan directly from your all in one device or use the software that's installed inside your computer. You can direct scan to your desired location.

How can i put streaming video on my TV?

If you have a smart TV, we can just add the streaming channels. Or, we can add something like a Roku player or equivalent to an older TV.

How do i put my cell phone pictures in my computer.

Based on if you have an android or iphone, we can attached either one to your computer and retrieve your pictures. Pictures can also be sent by email.

How often should my computer be left on?

Desktop computers can be left on all day and should be turned off at night for less future service costs. Laptops should be turned on and off as needed.

How can I organize my files and pictures?

We will tech you how to create folders and organize all of your pictures. We can help you with photoshop, picassa or any other photo software you computer has loaded.

How do I stop excess spam in my emails?

We’ll make all necessary adjustments to your Email account. We will block all unwanted spam or Emails that you choose not to view.

How can I make my computer run faster?

We can add more memory onto your computer and eliminate excess files. We can also clean up your registry which may have embedded problems.

How do I avoid getting a virus in my computer?

We will provide you with free software for antivirus protection. We will also install spyware protection and eliminate popups.